Our Popular Bamboo Pocket Leggings

Our Popular Bamboo Pocket Leggings

We’ve had a few people question the cost of our popular Bamboo Pocket Leggings, so we’ve decided to share all that it entails to make a pair of these amazing leggings!

Our Bamboo Pocket Leggings consists of 38 pieces in total. Each piece is sewn individually to ensure all details are in place. Once each piece is sewn, the pieces are than sewn together.
Once all 38 pieces are sewn together, the leggings are pressed to ensure everything is in place. Each pair is sewn by one person, using one machine at a factory just down the street from our Head Office in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The production time from start to finish can take up to 8 weeks! Each pair is made with love and care. They are worth the wait 🙂

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