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Public Myth is taking over the fitness fashion world, one Enthusiast at a time.

Inspiring others to question their limits, relentlessly pursue a healthy and active lifestyle, while maintaining an open and free-spirited attitude toward life – THIS is what we stand for. Recently, we’ve begun to develop an elite team of fearlessly driven, daringly passionate and incredibly influential women who embrace and embody that spirit.

Today’s spotlight is on Michelle MacDonald fitness professional/model, Bikram yoga instructor, professional chef, writer, and entrepreneur. I think the real question is – What doesn’t she do? We chatted with Michelle about fitness, life and never giving up.

Michelle is wearing our Cross Back Cami Bra in Strawberry

PM: “What everyday healthy choices do you make?”

Michelle: ” I always make sure to eat plenty of vegetables,quality organic meats and dairy products. I love to exercise, and usually find a way to spend at least 90 minutes during the day to do something, whether its a Bikram yoga class or hitting the gym. I also love to do hill sprints, and just go for walks outside. I live in a beautiful part of Quebec close to the mountains and lakes, so it’s easy for me to enjoy the outdoors.

PM: “Summer is around the corner, how do you usually spend it?”

Michelle: “On my Ducati 695. I love to go for a ride on my bike when the weather is nice, and don’t think twice about gearing up for an overnight trip to New York or Boston to visit friends and catch a show.”

PM: “Living in Canada, how do you spend the cooler months?”

Michelle: “I’m usually at the gym or in the hot yoga room stretching, but if I have a weekend off, I’ll go snowboarding with friends at Mt. Tremblant. I learned how to snowboard in Whistler, it’s my favorite winter sport!”

PM: “What store could you not live without?”

Michelle: “Whole Foods….Seriously, I could spend hours shopping there. The quality of food is so high right across the board, and the chef in me just wants to experiment with all the great produce and condiments!

PM: “Who is the most legendary band in your eyes?”

MIchelle: “Going to have to be the Beatles. When I went to watch “Love”, the Cirque de Soleil expose of the Beatle’s albums, it really brought home to me how diverse and influential this band was.”

PM: Where have you always dreamed of traveling to?

Michelle: “Argentina! The food seems incredible, the Andes are breathtaking, and I’ve always wanted to dance the Tango in Buenos Aires. It’s considered to be the Paris of South America, and it’s a city steeped in history. I hope to go there in the next few years!”

PM: “What do you love most about yourself?”

Michelle: “My ability to keep on going, no matter how I’m feeling. My nickname with my snowboarding friends used to be the “energizer bunny” because they could always count on me to go first and break trail in the back-country, and never stop. In the gym this means I can keep pushing through my workouts no matter how tired or hungry I may get which comes in handy during those last difficult weeks before competition, and in life that drive has kept me going even when it seems like there’s just too much to do!”

PM: “What words do you live by?”

Michelle:Whether we think we can, or think we can’t, either way we will be right!”. I love being active and it’s second nature to me to push myself beyond my limits, to see how I can evolve and change.  It makes me so happy to now be able to support and educate others how to achieve better health and vitality, and most importantly to experience joy and pleasure doing it!


Michelle lives with passion, in Public Myth. To find out more about this powerhouse of a lady visit: @MonsterYogi



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