Friday’s Fabulous Female

Sherry is a passionately dedicated natural IFBB Fitness Pro, Elite Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, wife and mother of four. This high achiever is currently preparing to compete in Toronto’s IFBB Pro Show – Fitness category, next weekend, June 1st – 3rd 2012.

Flaunting our Cross V Halter Bra Top In Strawberry and Ride Free Flare in Granite.No excuses here, Sherry works her butt off to be the best she can be. We sat down to learn more about her inspiring and fierce nature.

PM: What are your tried and true methods to stay healthy?

Sherry: I always make sure to eat clean, circuit train and keep balance in all aspects of my life.

PM: How do you get (and stay) in the best shape of your life?

Sherry:  To stay this fit I workout 5 days per week with weights and cardio intervals. I eat lots of clean protein, essential fats, non processed starchy carbohydrates, dark coloured fruits and vegetables. I get plenty of rest and of course I also enjoy a healthy cheat meal on weekends to fuel up the beginning of my week.

PM: It is a beautiful summer day, where are you?

Sherry: In the summer I can surely be found at the beach.

PM: Ahh the beach… And in winter?

Sherry: I usually take a Mexican vacation or two, and love to spend time watching my children’s soccer games.

PM: What kind of music works you up?

Sherry: Led Zepplin, hands down.

PM: What is your recipe for success?

Sherry: My infectious positive nature.

Sherry truly exemplifies the power of positivity, passion and dedication in life. Don’t just dream it DO IT! And of course, Sherry Jensen gets it done in sexy Public Myth gear.

Check out these links to learn more about Sherry: @FitMom1968



    Just did shoot in Toronto right after Pro show with Dan Betts of DBI Photography wearing my Public Myth attire!


    Loving my Public Myth clothing. Just did shoot in Toronto with Dan Betts of DBI Photography right after my show.


    Placed 10th in Pro Fitness at the 2012 Toronto Pro Supershow!

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