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Lacey sporting some Public Myth!Meet Lacey Elliot: Personal trainer, BCABB Figure competitor, ‘Driving Television’ host, Public Myth Brand Enthusiast and overall wonderwoman! We love Lacey’s positive ‘get it done’ attitude and sweet personality! We took a moment to chat with Lacey and do a little catching up!

PM: What are your top three ways to live a healthy lifestyle?
LE: Being healthy means so many things on so many levels to me.
#1: Be happy! No matter what, I try and find the good in everything I do. Find things that make me smile and laugh; EVERYDAY. If running makes you miserable; then don’t run! Try a yoga class or learn to lift weights. If that frappuccino really makes your heart smile, have one! But…
#2: Everything in moderation. Enjoy that frappuccino on a gorgeous afternoon, but don’t forget about your clean eating and active lifestyle. Cry, get mad, get hurt; but also make sure you laugh, love and be joyful. Find time to spend with friends but don’t be afraid to be alone. Don’t have regrets.
#3: The quote I live by: Dance like no one is watching, Love like you have never been hurt, sing like no one can hear you and live like its Heaven on Earth.

PM: What are your top ways to stay fit?
LE: I stay active and eat clean. Weight training is my favorite activity, especially when I am gearing up for a figure competition. I usually train 4 days a week and I train hard! After years of training I finally love my butt! I love to squat because proper technique has literally kicked my ass. Dancing is in my blood, so I never give up a chance to get my groove on. No matter where I am or what I am doing I keep active. Rollerblading, biking, swimming, walking… and of course, more dancing!

PM: Where would we find you in the summertime?
LE: Definitely driving with the top down and enjoying the limited amount of sunshine that we get here in Vancouver! I love the feel of the sun on my face and the wind in my hair. The heat makes me feel a bit lazy and summer months are when I most enjoy long walks outside or just sitting under a tree and taking it easy.

PM: And in the winter?
LE: At the gym and getting my sweat on! I am a wimp and don’t care too much for the cold, I stay inside a lot. In colder months I really enjoy going to movies, reading a good book, sipping on a hazelnut latte at a cozy local coffee shop, or hanging with my man watching football.

PM: What are some of your favorite weekend activities?
LE: I love to get up early and get my cardio out of the way so I have the rest of the day to myself. From there, I will spend time with my friends over coffee, relax in the tub with bubbles and a good book or snuggle on the couch with my boyfriend and watch a movie. Once football season starts, Sundays are filled up with cheering on the Bears!

PM: What is your best asset?
LE: My friendly outgoing and vivacious personality. I can talk to anybody, anywhere about anything! Put me in a crowded room filled with strangers and I will have no problems making friends and striking up conversations.


In just over a week, Lacey will be competing at the Sandra Wickham Fall Classic in New Westminster, and we are behind her 100%! Show your support by liking her facebook fan page

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    This is a great interview Lacey. Thanks for sharing with us.

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