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This week’s fabulous female is our very own Kimberly Ho! Personal trainer and CBBF National Bikini Competitor, Kimberly has proven to us that she isn’t just a pretty face, but an extremely determined and dedicated woman. We took a moment to chat with Kimberly and see what she’s all about!

PM: What are your top three ways to stay healthy?
KH: 1. Eat clean, fresh food from the grocery store.
2. Workout regularly to stimulate muscle growth and release endorphins.
3. Smile!

PM: And to stay fit?
KH: I workout 6 day of the week doing weight training as well as cardiovascular training.

PM: Where would we find you on a beautiful summer day?
KH: At the gym! Even though the weather is nicer in the summer, there is nothing that beats weight training with that heavy iron. You can also find me at the beach with my friends and family.

PM: And during the winter?
KH: At the gym. Winter is my off-season and where I make most of my gains. I am usually there 7 days of the week. When I am not at the gym, I am in my apartment tucked away with a warm cup of tea, it’s my favorite beverage!

PM: When you’re not working out, how are you spending your downtime?
KH: I hang out with family and friends. I need to make sure that my life is balanced between my training and my loved ones.

PM: What, in your opinion, is your greatest asset?
KH: The determination I have. I have BIG dreams and HUGE goals. After losing almost 45lbs, I know the hard work, dedication and perseverance it takes to succeed in life. Each day that passes…each day I eat-clean…each day I put in a vigorous workout will in turn get me closer and closer to my dream of being a IFBB Bikini Pro.

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