L I Z  J O Y C E

Rock your New Year’s Resolution to get fit with Friday’s Fabulous Female and PM Brand Enthusiast Liz Joyce! Liz and her husband run their own personal training company, ‘Joyce Training‘ here in Vancouver, and will have you whipped into shape in no time.

Since becoming a Brand Enthusiast this past October, Liz has brought her positive attitude and warm personality to our team, which we can’t get enough of! We took a moment to speak with this dynamic trainer to learn a little about her busy life.

PM: What are your top three ways to stay healthy?
LJ: Weight training, running, and biking.

And to stay in great shape?
I lift weights 3 times per week, and do full body workouts filled with functional movements. I also run 2 times per week, alternating longer slower, and short hard runs. I bike commute everyday unless it’s snowy, so I spend 1 hour minimum on my wheels. Biking is one of my favourite things and I’m so blessed to live in a place where I can bike everyday!

Where would we find you during the summertime?
On my skateboard gliding along the seawall, iced peppermint tea in hand.

And how do you spend your days during the winter?
Long walks by the sea, hot peppermint tea in hand. Dinners with friends, or enjoying movies with my husband.

What does your ideal weekend look like?
I love my Friday dates with my husband, every week! I love to have relaxed mornings, read a book, long walks, relax and take the time to make a spectacular meal at least once. A healthy meal, of course.

And while we can think of many, what do you love the very most about yourself?
I am always smiling and finding the light in every situation I come across. I tirelessly appreciate little things in my days, and the big people in my days. In my life, the connections I make with people fuel my everyday and I literally can’t frown. I’ve tried!


You can learn a little more about Joyce Training via Facebook here.

Happy Friday! xx

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