Livewire Leggings endure the Challenge


 You don’t just go to the gym. It’s not just a healthy habit. The high-energy tempo, that one super-challenging posture and the next dumbbell up are all so much more than a lifestyle choice. They’re who you are. So we know when you’re in, you’re all in; you give it everything you’ve got. Now, can you say the same for your fitness clothing? Breathable yet fitted, these high-performance leggings feature slimming Supplex®, guaranteeing they won’t lose their sexy shape. Contrasted black stitching adds interest and a covert utility pocket adds functionality. Livewire leggings endure with vivacious dedication, always up to the challenge, just like you. — Made with Heart & Soul in Vancouver, B.C, Canada xx

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Livewire Legging | Bamboo Racerback Tank

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Livewire Legging | Bamboo Racerback Tank


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