Conquering New Heights

Did you know that outdoor exercise not only reduces stress & boosts your mood, it can be more challenging, leading to greater physical gains?!

I recently made it to the top of one of my local mountains after steep inclines, climbing ropes, and trekking uphill through the snow. As intense as it might sound, in the moment I didn’t even realize what I was accomplishing. When you’re so focused and excited for what’s ahead – the challenge doesn’t seem so bad. This being my first real hike of the season, I was surprised at what my body was capable of. There’s something about taking your body outside surrounded by incredible views, fresh air, and ultimately the goal of making it to the end that pushes you beyond what you think your limits are. Conquering this day long hike was a refreshing and challenging experience that has made me realize that this is something that I need to do way more often.

Wearing: The Cross Back Cami Bra, High Rise Leggings, & Bamboo Raglan Sweatshirt (tied around my waist!).

Tunnel Bluffs, Vancouver, BC.

By: Sydnee Klassen, Customer Service & Marketing Coordinator

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