Newly Released! The Rebel Sports Bra



Introducing our newest item! The Rebel Sports Bra! Available in Black, White, and Titanium, this piece features tasteful crisscross straps, and a flattering neckline. If you’re planning on rocking this top at the gym, be prepared for all the compliments ladies.



The Rebel Sports Bra is made from what we like to call “Miracle fabric.” A material known to shave pounds off your appearance, by tightening, lifting and smoothing out curves. If that doesn’t sound great already, it’s also moisture wicking! This allows you to push yourself in the gym and stay fresh and dry without the fear of pit stains. Can I get an amen to that.


A perfect sports bra is specifically designed to provide support, motion control, and a snug fit for you during any and all activities. And this is what I call a perfect sports bra!


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