Camo Print Leggings Restocked!!

ATTENTION ALL: We’ve got big news! We wanted to bring you more of our most fashion forward, and fierce looking pieces. So our High Rise Leggings have just been restocked in our Spartan and Warrior prints!!



There’s just something totally right about Camo print. It has an androgynous feel that brings edge to ANY outfit. It’s versatile and there’s a million ways to wear the trend. Paired with one of our Bamboo Crop Tops or a comfy sweater, the look is perfect for a sweaty workout at the gym, a casual day out, or a stay in bed and eat pints of ice cream while watching Netflix type of night.

Trust me, these pants are the perfect addition to anyone’s wardrobe!

Shop the High Rise Warrior Leggings here and the High Rise Spartan Leggings here!

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