Camo Clothing? More like Camo Couture!

Looking to spice up your tired wardrobe? Love our current Camo print leggings but can’t handle them in the summer heat? Public Myth has got you covered! We’re bringing you more bold leggings, but this time in a cropped length! Whether for fashion or for function, camo is never totally off-trend.

And at the present moment in women’s style, it’s as relevant as ever. Introducing our newest highrise camo pants; the Shadow Trooper and Spartan High Rise Crop Leggings!!

Now we all know the fashion industry is notorious for being unpredictable, but there are quite a few trends that have earned the coveted title of being timeless. Among those trends is Camo clothing.

Why you ask?

The answer is simple. Versatility. It’s versatility that lends camouflage clothing its mass appeal. Pair these leggings with our mesh top for a brazen outfit, or a soft bamboo top for a daily walk to the park. The options are endless.


Army fatigue may be for blending in, but trust us, you’ll stand out in our Shadow Trooper and Spartan High Rise Crop Leggings.

Shop them here (:

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