Our Bamboo Line has a NEW addition!! + Why You Should ALWAYS Choose Bamboo

Introducing the newest additions to our favoured Bamboo Line ; The Bamboo Crop Top in Zeppelin! Simple and versatile, this wardrobe staple features a raw edge hemline and higher cut neckline. Made from soft and breathable bamboo jersey material, a relaxed fit makes this top the perfect layering piece with any of our sports bras. A shade of grey like Zeppelin is so versatile it will compliment any colour! Definitely a staple piece!!

Can’t seem to figure out why anyone would choose to wear bamboo clothing? There are tons of reasons! Here are a few of our favourite;

1. Luxuriously Soft. Why wear anything other than the most sumptuous materials that nature has to offer? Life’s too short to put up with rough, scratchy fabrics!

2. Stay Dry 24/7. Bamboo is 40% more absorbent than even the finest organic cotton. This means that it brilliantly wicks moisture away from the skin and is extremely comfortable.

3. Smell Fresh For Longer. Avoid unpleasant odours that can arise from wearing inferior materials. Our bamboo clothes have been proven to reduce odour, thanks to the natural anti-bacterial properties of bamboo fibre.

4. Green is Good. Bamboo is extremely environmentally friendly, using very little water to grow, needing no harmful pesticides and being 100% biodegradable.

5. Enjoy true lasting colours. Whilst bamboo fibre requires far less dye than cotton, it also showcases colour exceptionally well. As one of the major benefits of this superior material, enjoy attractive, vibrant colours that will last you a lifetime.

6. Easy laundry care. Many bamboo clothing items, such as our range of Bamboo Pants, do not require washing as often as similar items made from other materials. At the same time, when they do need cleaning it is straightforward and low-maintenance.

Featured in flat lays; Bamboo Crop Top, Bamboo Pocket Leggings, Bamboo Muscle Tank (:


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