Want to Know How to Do a Handstand?

We had Monique come into our showroom to teach us how to do a handstand! Monique gave us a little bit of insight on her daily routine, how fitness was a part of her life from a young age and of course how she started doing handstands!

Monique started her fitness journey being heavily involved with sports and track & field, where all goals were geared towards helping her improve in her sport. She eventually moved towards the body building lifestyle, which made her re-evaluate her fitness goals. Realizing that she wanted to focus more on health, she began to make small goals that were attainable for herself. As a result, one of her goals was learning how to do a handstand. She’s since competed in a fitness competition and has caught our attention with her handstand skills on Instagram.

In the video, Monique shares some of her favorite core strengthening exercises and gives us some helpful tips to help avoid injuries when learning how to do a handstand. Enjoy!


Products featured in this video: High Rise Retro Racer Leggings & Rebel Sports Bra.

Instagram: moniquelisek

We really enjoyed having Monique come in and share her knowledge on handstands with us. We’re always looking for new people to work with! If you have a unique talent or something you’re passionate about and would like to be featured on our blog please contact us here.

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