The Pocket Pant

Have you tried our Bamboo Pocket Pant?  The relaxed, flattering, versatile pant is a must have in your wardrobe.   If you live for comfort, you will love this piece!

The Pocket Pant was inspired years ago by founder Kerry Pollock, through his interest in Cargo Pants.  The design had evolved through multiple trials including design and fabric, to what is now.  He’s managed to capture a relaxed cargo pant with a flattering cut and style to best compliment a women’s figure.  The Bamboo Jersey allows the fabric to comfortably drape beautifully while the pockets give great detail and flatter the body.

Odette Hughes wears the pocket pant with ease showing how it easily moves with the body, while providing just enough warmth on a mild day.   There’s no need to adjust, pull or fuss with this pant no matter what activity you are in.

We’ve paired the Pocket Pant with our cute comfortable Bamboo Long Sleeve Crop Top for the perfect outfit on a beautiful day by the ocean.  Check it out 🙂

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