Sustainable Luxury: Making the Bamboo Pocket Legging

Bamboo Pocket Leggings

Hey active lifestyle addicts, ready for a transparent behind-the-scenes reveal about your favourite sustainable luxury leggings?

At Public Myth we believe eco-friendly activewear should never sacrifice style.  Thus, our commitment to design and detail led to the evolution of the ever-popular Bamboo Pocket Legging. This continues to be our top-selling and most talked-about style of legging. For nearly a decade our fans have fuelled our ethical fire by investing in our slow-fashion production practices.  As a result, your appreciation for premium, impeccably sewn bamboo helps us foster a team of fairly-paid local artisans. It also means we have space to focus on priorities like leaving minimal environmental footprint, this feels amazing!  Have a look for yourself. See how we make the Bamboo Pocket Legging.





These sustainable luxury active leggings consist of 38 pieces in total. Each detail is fastened individually, and sewn with accuracy and durability in mind.
Once all 38 pieces are assembled, the leggings are pressed to secure each detail in place and reinforce the overall form. Each pair of leggings is sewn by one artisan using one machine… did you catch that? We really do house an intimate operation where your leggings are constructed with care. This all takes place at a local factory just blocks away from our Head Office in Vancouver, British Columbia. We mean it when we refer to our practices as “slow-fashion.” To us slow-fashion and sustainability are not branding strategies or marketable trends. These values have been the default standard for our company founder Kerry Pollock since Public Myth’s conception 2007. Ethical fashion fans can find more of our eco-friendly activewear pieces in organic cotton and bamboo by visiting our online shop here. Happy ethical shopping, Friends!

Sustainable Luxury Active Leggings, Before and After:


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