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Have you ever eaten ice cream after a workout? Ok, just me then. Being eco-friendly is the right thing to do. But one week I’ll act like David Suzuki and the next…well, let’s just say I’m far from perfect. To avoid being an eco-friendly yo-yo dieter, I’ve tried to find simple eco-friendly commitments I can actually stick with. Grab a reusable spoon and let’s dig in.

  1. Buy products with less packaging.
    Bananas and avocados do NOT need to come in a bag. Whoever decided that was a necessity anyway? Sometimes the unpackaged options are more expensive which is frustrating, but it’s the little things that count, right? If enough of us stop buying the packaged items the stores will eventually stop selling them. Make sure to scout out which stores offer non-packaged items so you don’t end up in a bind next time you’re in dire need of mandarin oranges.

  2. Support local & go to farmers markets.
    Ahem, Public Myth is a local company! Google other companies in your area that are making an effort to be environmentally friendly.

  3. Get important documents emailed instead of mailed.
    Think of bank statements, phone bills, any other regular paper documentation. It’s better to have digital copies archived on email anyway.

  4. Check out consignment stores.
    You’d be surprised what kind of quality you can often get. And no one really needs a new toaster.

  5. Use reusable bags.
    If you’re feeling ambitious go one step further and turn an old t-shirt into a bag. I just make sure to use reusable bags. I prefer to use my understated black Public Myth bag – using a neon green bag to show people that you recycle is so 2009.

  6. Regrow food you get from the grocery store.
    My favourites are green onions because they regrow so quickly – all you have to do is throw them in a bit of water. And they’re resilient as hell. Super easy, especially for anyone who might not have the biggest green thumb. You can also do this with herbs like oregano, basil, thyme, & rosemary (though I haven’t had much success with the last one). It’s so satisfying to see that you’ve grown something you can actually eat, and doesn’t cost any more money!

  7. Use a reusable water bottle.
    Obvious, right? But sometimes we choose convenience when we shouldn’t. Think of parties or get-togethers for example (at a socially responsible distance, of course). Do you really need to buy separate water bottles for everyone? Will people really be that irritated if you don’t? No. And if they are, well, then remind them about all the plastic in the ocean that’s killing innocent animals.

  8. Avoid using cling wrap!
    This one is a toughy for some. Obviously beeswax paper is an alternative, but I know, I know, you can’t see through it. So you don’t always know what’s been sitting in your fridge for 8 days and now needs to be chucked. Fine, if you can’t do beeswax (I’ll admit, I often don’t), at least use eco-friendly containers that will last. Avoid buying the cheapo plastic containers that break down easily and need to be thrown out.

  9. Use less. Period.
    Not sure how to do this? Google how to live a minimalist lifestyle and try it out for a few days. While travelling I noticed I can live with a lot less than I think I need. I still struggle with clothes (I get cold all the time and am all about layers so I end up packing a lot), but I’m working on it. I love my Public Myth pants and sweatshirt, they’re so comfy but also stylish, so I can wear them whenever I travel (not that I’m doing much of that at the moment, but one can dream). I thought the pants might be tight and uncomfortable after hours of sitting on a plane but they’re awesome. I wear them All. The. Time.

  10. Do what you can.
    I was more eco-friendly until I had a baby, then diapers were just too difficult. I can’t handle using reusable diapers (sorry!). I feel terribly about it because it’s so wasteful, so try to make up for it in other areas of my life; but like I said, I’m not perfect. Life is about balance, isn’t it?

I love that Public Myth is constantly looking for ways to be more environmentally friendly. All companies should be doing this. Do you know of any others? Or do you have any other suggestions for living an eco-friendly lifestyle? Let us know!

Written by Amanda Webb, Health & Wellness Blogger at

Photo of Amanda by Jana Josue of JJosue Photography.

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