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  • Benefits of Bamboo Fabric – Here’s our top 9

    Benefits of Bamboo Fabric – Here’s our top 9

    As a modern, forward-thinking, conscientious activewear line, we invest in ecologically sound practices. To us, environmental responsibility is not just a trend. It influences every business decision, from concept to production–our bamboo fabric is no exception. To learn more about our bamboo fabric, check out our latest infographic– 9 Benefits of Bamboo Fabric.

  • Who We Are

    Who We Are

    Live with passion. Embrace life… in motion, in fashion. Since 2007, we’ve been dedicated to this idea through our active wear. It’s simple…by choosing a dynamic and free-spirited lifestyle, you invest in your most valuable asset – your health. Public Myth’s founder, fitness fanatic and creative director Kerry Pollock, launches eye catching and imaginative lifestyle…

  • Lower Body Barre Workout

    Lower Body Barre Workout

    With the ladies at Barre Fitness have put together this convenient, Lower Body Barre Workout 13 minute online class to have you feeling great! The Lower Body Barre workout routine will really get your legs shaking and shape them in no time! Using the infamous fitball and targeting accessory muscles of both the thighs and…

  • Who wears short shorts?

    Who wears short shorts?

    We do! The short shorts trend is hear to stay, a timeless classic and that’s why it’s a staple part of our line. Are you ready to elevate your workout wardrobe? Look no further than Public Myth’s Bamboo Booty Short! These Eco-friendly shorts are not only perfect for the gym, yoga, dance, hiking or any…

  • Leggings with Pockets – the Bamboo Pocket Leggings in Zeppelin!

    Leggings with Pockets – the Bamboo Pocket Leggings in Zeppelin!

    Leggings with Pockets or as we like to say, Bamboo Pocket Leggings in the color: Zeppelin! These cozy, comfortable and oh so flattering leggings are now available in this versatile shade of heather gray.  With detailed pockets strategically placed to flatter your body in the best way, these leggings will have heads turning your way!…

  • 5 minutes for your inner thighs with Katie!

    5 minutes for your inner thighs with Katie!

    Set aside 5 minutes in your day for this 5 minute Inner Thigh Workout that will leave your thighs burning. 5 Minute Inner Thigh Workout Katie shows us 3 of her favorite exercises to elongate your legs and tone up those pesky inner thighs in !  Don’t let the length of the work out fool…

  • Meet Our Public Myth Muses!

    Meet Our Public Myth Muses!

    Introducing the STRONG, EDGY, and AUTHENTIC women who inspire us and so many others. They are dedicated to living an all around healthy lifestyle and are fearlessly sharing their journey with the world. Check these babes out below! MELANIE RIVERA, @melanie_valeriefit Master hairstylist at an Aveda Salon for 10 yrs & lover of all things…

  • Just In: The Colourful Empire Additions!

    Just In: The Colourful Empire Additions!

    Add some colour to your workout wardrobe with our Mesh Sports Bras purple and gray. Featuring semi sheer mesh front and back panels that make for the perfect contrasting detail. Made with Nylon Spandex that ensures a sleek fit and breathable comfort. Paired with the Bring It On Crop Legging that also has two mesh…

  • 3 Booty Mistakes with Natalie Jill

    3 Booty Mistakes with Natalie Jill

    Avoid the 3 Biggest Booty Building Mistakes – video Natalie Jill inspires us to work out our buns on the daily. However, we often worry about what we could improve on. Don’t you? Because of this, we thought it natural to feature our latest favorite Natalie Jill Fitness video,”The Biggest Booty Building Mistakes”, so that…