Benefits of Bamboo Fabric – Here’s our top 9

Why Public Myth Bamboo? We’ll give you 9 benefits.

To learn more about our bamboo fabric, check out our latest infographic– 9 Benefits of Bamboo Fabric.

As a modern, forward-thinking, conscientious activewear line, we invest in ecologically sound practices. To us, environmental responsibility is not just a trend. It influences every business decision, from concept to production–our bamboo fabric is no exception.

Bamboo Benefit #1 – Eco-Friendly

Bamboo is a naturally sustainable choice. Our selected fabric is biodegradable, grown pesticide free, and uses trace amounts of water in the process.

Bamboo Benefit #2 – Antibacterial

Beyond esthetics, the plant possesses a unique anti-bacterial and anti-fungal property called “bamboo kun”. This intelligent bacteriostatic keeps garments fresh and pure.

Bamboo Benefit #3 – Slow Fashion

Our slower production schedule supports the movement of designing, creating, and buying garments for quality and longevity.

Bamboo Benefit #4 – Quality

Our soft bamboo has a silk-like sheen, draping beautifully on the body. Highly durable and absorbent it wicks water away from the skin rapidly–four times faster than cotton.

Bamboo Benefit #5 – Breathable

Its nature perfected composition promises breathability and temperature regulation surpassing cotton, hemp, wool, and synthetic fabrics.

Bamboo Benefit #6 – Ethically Made

All of our garments are designed and manufactured in North America, predominantly in Vancouver BC, Canada. This ensures our products come from a safe working environment with fair treatment and pay for everyone involved.

Bamboo Benefit #7 – Biodegradable

Its regenerative nature ensures the plant is entirely regrown in weeks, which is sure to make our planet smile.

Bamboo Benefit #8 – Odor Resistant

It’s one of the most hygienic materials to don since odor-producing bacteria cannot grow and spread in its ingenious design.

Bamboo Benefit #9 – Low Footprint 

Many fibers, such as regular cotton, require overabundant usage of pesticides and water in their cultivation. Our fabric focuses on pesticide-free yarns–ensuring we reach the highest environmental requirements.



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  1. Jones Brown

    I love this blog as it explains the benefits of bamboo clothing and what most surprised me is that it’s antibacterial.

    1. publicmyth

      Hi Jones,

      The antibacterial properties of bamboo surprise a lot of people! We’re so glad to hear you learned something new from our blog!

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