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Hot pink cute sports bra outfit with joggers

Cute Sports Bras, our picks for 2024

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You deserve cute sports bras that can rock your world. Whether you want them for comfy or chic reasons, a cute sports bra can spice up your athleisure outfit or workout game. They can also make you feel more pumped and proud, as well as show off your style. This article showcases cute sports bras made with a focus on quality, functionality, sustainability, and design. Let’s explore how to style these bras to match your needs and tastes, and why they’re essential for your wardrobe.

What makes a Cute Sports Bra?

  • Comfort: Designed with comfort in mind, providing support without sacrificing style.
  • Versatility: They can be worn for various activities, from workouts to casual outings, offering a versatile wardrobe option.
  • Fashion Statement: Cute sports bras allow you to make a fashion statement while staying active, expressing personal style even during workouts.
  • Motivation: Wearing a cute sports bra can be a motivating factor, making you feel good about yourself and encouraging you to stay active.
  • Confidence Boost: The right sports bra can enhance your body confidence, promoting a positive self-image during physical and casual activities.
  • Mix and Match: Cute sports bras offer the opportunity to mix and match with different workout outfits, adding variety to your activewear wardrobes.
  • Breathability: Our bras are designed with breathable natural sustainable fabrics that are gentle on your skin, ensuring comfort making them great for everyday wear.
  • Innovative Designs: We know you appreciate the creative and innovative designs of a sport bra, it helps adding an element of fun to your fitness routine.
  • Style Factor: A sports bra can contribute to an elevated sense of style, allowing you to feel fashionable when working out or wearing your favorite athleisure set.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing: Cute sports bras’ aesthetics appeal to women who value well-designed activewear, enhancing their workout experience positively.
Tiffany in a white cute sports bra and purple booty short outfit
The Bamboo Cami Bra is a great lightweight sports bra for hiking, yoga and many other activities

Finding the right cute sports bra

When searching for right sports bra there are a few things to consider including the style, support, fabrics and function.

Tova in a blue sports bra with black leggings outfit
The Bamboo V Neck Sports Bra makes for perfect workout bra with the Daytripper Leggings

Style to Function

  • Style: Find a style that fits your personal taste and the type of exercise you do. You can choose from different designs with scoop neck, V neck with an open back or cross back style with most sports bras having optional bra pad inserts.
  • Support: The support of your sports bra depends on your breast size and the impact level of your activity. You need a sports bra that reduces bounce and prevents chafing, and pain. You can choose from different support levels, such as low, medium, or high. Generally, the larger your breasts and the higher the impact of your activity, the more support you need. The wider the strap usually mean more sport and vice versa for thin straps.

Sustainable Fabrics

  • The fabrics of your sports bra affect your comfort, breath ability, and durability. You need a sports bra that is breathable, wicks away sweat, keeps you cool, and lasts long. Public Myth uses natural fabrics, such as bamboo, Tencel, and organic cotton, to create Eco-friendly and sustainable activewear. These fabrics are soft, naturally breathable, and antibacterial without the use of harmful chemicals. They are safer and more gentle on your skin, and they also help protect the environment. The softness in our fabrics also prevents chafing as they are much softer than synthetic sports bras.
  • Function: The function of your sports bra is to enhance your performance and confidence. You need a sports bra that allows you to move freely, stay focused, and feel good. We offer a variety of sports bras for different activities, such as yoga, working out, running, or as an athleisure outfit staple. You can find the perfect sports bra for your needs and goals at Public Myth.

White V Neck cute sports bra and high waist flare yoga pants
Empress V Neck Sports Bra with the Eco Highrise Flare Pant

From light to moderate support, for working out, lounging or strutting about we’ve got you covered. Sports bras made from soft natural fibers are much more comfortable as an everyday bra so you will be able to get much more out of the sports bras at Public Myth. Here are a few of our favorites.

A few more cute sports bras and bralettes for athleisure or loungewear outfits

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