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Hiking outfits for summer

Hiking Outfits for Summer that are Cute, Comfortable, Stylish and Good for the Planet

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Hiking Outfits for Summer outline

  • How to dress for day hike
  • How to choose the correct footwear
  • Why you should carry a small backpack
  • Hydration & food
  • Hiking Outfits for Spring & Summer

The key to having a fun day of hiking is being prepared and here we are going to share some of the things we’ve learned from our past experiences. Here are some import things to consider when preparing for a day hike.

Women's hiking outfit with grey organic cotton pullover hoodie and pocket leggings
Organic Cargo Hoodie & Pocket Leggings

How to Dress for a Day Hike

Depending on the weather and how much it will fluctuate that day you may want to bring an extra layer or two. It’s always a good idea to check the weather for the forecast so you know what to expect and how to dress. When you start to warm up you can always peel a layer off and throw it in your backpack. It’s always best to choose pieces that are breathable and lightweight such as sport bras, tanks tops, hoodies T-shirts, shorts, joggers or leggings. Materials like Merino Wool, Bamboo and Tencel are naturally breathable, moisture wicking and made of natural sources. We feel that there isn’t any plastic in nature, why wear it when you go hiking in nature.

Women's Eco-friendly hiking outfit
Bamboo Crop Top & Organic Cotton Shorts

Footwear for Hiking

Choosing the right hiking footwear depends on several factors, such as the type and length of your hike, the weight of your pack, the weather and conditions of the area, and your personal preference. Generally, you want to choose the lightest and most comfortable shoe or boot that can also provide the needed support and stability for your intended hiking style. Hiking shoes are low-cut and flexible, suitable for day hikes or light backpacking. Hiking boots are mid- to high-cut and offer more durability, protection, and traction on rough, rocky, or wet terrain. Some hiking boots are also waterproof and insulated, which can be useful in cold or wet environments. However, hiking boots are also heavier and require more break-in time than hiking shoes, so you should consider the trade-offs carefully before making your decision

Black Jogger white crop top outfit
Black Eco Jogger, Ribbed Crop Tank and Mesh Back Hat

The sole of your Hiking Footwear makes a Difference

The outsole is the part of the hiking footwear that directly interacts with the trail and provides traction and grip. The outsole can vary in terms of stiffness, hardness, and lug pattern, depending on the type and condition of the terrain you’re hiking on. Here are some general guidelines for choosing the right outsole for different terrains:

  • For hikes in dry desert, you want an outsole that is durable, flexible, and has a shallow lug pattern. This will help you avoid getting sand and dirt stuck in the grooves and reduce the weight of your footwear.
  • For hikes on wet rocks or roots, you want an outsole that is soft, sticky, and has a deep lug pattern. This will help you adhere to slippery surfaces and prevent you from sliding or losing balance.
  • For hikes on rough, rocky, or steep terrain, you want an outsole that is stiff, hard, and has a pronounced heel brake. This will help you support your feet and ankles, protect them from sharp objects, and reduce your chance of sliding during descents.
Hiking outfits for summer can be as simple as sports bra and lightweight shorts
Hiking in the Bamboo Cami Bra & Booty Shorts

Wear a Backpack

If your hike is going to be longer than an hour or two you may want to bring a small lightweight backpack. It’s always good to bring along to keep some snacks water and a place to put an extra layer or two of clothing.

Water & Snacks

Many times our hikes end up being longer that anticipated either because we’ve loved the view so much at the top we spent longer than expected there, met some cool new friends on the trail and spent a little extra time to chat or decide to adventure a little further. Water is always a great idea and a snack or even lunch depending on how long your hike is.

Summer Hiking Outfits Checklist

  • Lightweight hoodie
  • Tank Top or Crop Top
  • T-shirt
  • Sports Bra
  • Shorts, Cargo, Biker or Booty
  • Leggings
  • Water & Snacks
  • Headband, Scrunchie or Hat
  • Backpack
  • Hiking shoes or boots

Hiking Outfits for Spring

Anna hiking in the organic cotton sweatshirt and pocket leggings
Organic Cotton Sweatshirt & Pocket Leggings

A mid to lightweight hoodie is a good idea to throw on when you start when it’s little cooler outside. Such as our Organic Cotton Cargo Hoodie or Organic Cotton Sweatshirt. We made these with bamboo to help these pieces breath a little more than 100% cotton making them even more comfy.

Hiking Outfits for Summer

When the weather warms up look for breathable and cool pieces made from Bamboo or Tencel. These fabrics are breathable, antibacterial, comfortable and also gentle on your skin. Choose a short the fits your style. Whether it be a biker short, a relaxed fit short or a booty short they all add a little personal style to your outfit.

Tova hiking in a black bamboo cami bra and organic cotton shorts
Bamboo Cami Bra & Organic Cotton Shorts

For tops a Bamboo T-shirt is always a great lightweight choice known for it’s comfort and breath-ability. A even lighter, cooler option would be a crop top or sports bra made from Tencel™ Lyocell or Bamboo.

Summer hiking in a bikini top and booty shorts
Bamboo Bikini Top & Booty Shorts for Hot Weather Hikes

When the weather really heats up you can opt for a bamboo bikini top paired with booty shorts to help keep you cool.


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