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The Fit Myth: Uncovering the True Conditions of Fitness

February 15th | 2016

The ultimate cover model for the face of fitness is not a body builder. Nor are they a dancer, or a dietitian. This cover model is even more than those three characters, put together. Evidently, fitness entails a combination of being both physically fit and healthy.

So, what does fitness even mean?

In accordance to the Oxford Dictionary, fitness refers to the condition of being physically fit and healthy. This leads us to the understanding that fitness is in the way that each of us exists, or lives. It is our ability to survive in this world.

You might be adorned in the fittest fashion apparel and gadgets, or the strongest standing in the gym. A strict diet might fuel your body to be the healthiest that it can be. If you fall apart under the weight of a mental or emotional obstacle, however, how strong are you really? Fitness is about empowering the mind as well as the body. Of course fitness can be practiced through a variety of exercises such as resistance training, dancing, or running, with the ultimate aim of being strong and healthy, but being fit also entails taking time-outs—for positive self-reflection. It entails learning, laughing and playing music.

The fittest people not only run marathons, but have strength in the face of heartbreak. These people also have strength to follow their passions, and chase after their dreams.  Fitness is the strength to thrive, rather than simply survive in a variety of circumstances.

Most importantly fitness is not fixed; its end goal constantly evolving and challenging those who chase after it. A healthy mind is just as powerful as a healthy body, and just as it is important to establish a fit lifestyle, it is important to maintain that state of being, long-term.

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